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Welcome to Grand Trust Freight Limited

Grand Trust Freight Limited provides direct cargo services to many people in Europe especially Germany and Lithuania transborder and international destinations and has sales representation in over 50 countries. With hubs in Germany,and Lithuania, our network is extended through interline agreements with other ship ,air carriers and through ground trucking services offered in selected markets, serving more than 300 destinations in all.

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Air Freight

Dealing with Grand Trust Freight Limited international co-join of collaborators/affiliates, we oversee both emergency and cost based air cargo going by air around Europe.

Land Freight

Grand Trust Freight Limited oversees both emergency and cost based land freight that cuts across Germany, Lithuania and neighboring European states and countries.

Sea / Ocean Importation

Sea / Ocean import still is the major aim of our establishment. Our total and concised coordination of frequent powered line sea logistics and well being transportation makes our customers to get well-made service to solve their propblems, requirements and needs.

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